Seamlessly finding directions using personal mobile devices has been one of the most useful inventions in modern society. But extended location tracking with mobile devices quickly drains batteries. At IpVenture, we have patented solutions that let mobile location-tracking devices consume power more efficiently.

Our patented mobile device can, for example, include a location tracking unit (such as GPS), a motion sensor and a battery. By monitoring the battery level and/or the motion of the mobile device, we are able to intelligently determine when the location tracking unit should acquire location. For example, if the battery level of the mobile device is running low, the mobile device may take steps to re-acquire its new location less often, so as to mitigate its power consumption. Similarly, if the mobile device has not changed its location in a while, or has not moved beyond a certain motion threshold, new location also needs not be re-acquired. By monitoring battery levels and the device’s motion, our patented mobile device is able to dynamically adjust the frequency of reacquisition of location information, which serves to extend the battery life of the mobile device. Another useful patented feature is that the mobile device may wirelessly transmit its location to a remote center (such as a central server) again in a power efficient manner. For example, how frequent its location information is transmitted can also depend on the movement of the mobile device.