Schedule distribution routes and timeslots
The Problem


With multiple distribution facilities in disparate geographical location, it is difficult to conveniently schedule routes and timeslots for deliveries.  Further, conventional approaches tend to be "after-the-fact" systems that are not able to dynamically adapt to a changing order environment.

The Solution


Our solution provides a standardized dynamic scheduling mechanism that can be used by different facilities to provide unique scheduling for each facility.  With a straightforward user interface, a corporate user from a facility selects a calendar and a scheduling template.  For each geographical area, our solution can generate a set of schedulable timeslots for a selected day.  Then, using the set of schedulable timeslot, our solution can schedule delivery stops for delivery of products or services.  As needed, our solution permits the corporate user (e.g., manual) or other system (e.g., automatic) to modify the current schedule, such as by changing the number of schedulable timeslots available, reallocating delivery stops to different timeslots, etc.

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