Online Order Fulfillment

Manage delivery time with an integrated order, fulfillment and delivery systems
The Problem


Most customers of online retailers want the shortest possible delivery window, typically two hours or less for grocery goods.  Due to fluctuations in many variables, such as inventory amounts, warehouse capacities, and delivery conditions and capabilities, this can be impossible for most retailers to promise.


In addition, many online stores lack the ability to allow customers to modify or cancel orders once they are submitted.  In such cases, if customers decide to cancel days before receiving ordered goods, they must wait until they have received the items, make a return request, and then re-ship.  Not only does this entail unnecessary shipping, it can remove the items from our available inventory for weeks.

The Solution


One proprietary solution to these challenges lies in an invented highly integrated data network system that precisely tracks capacities as orders are received and before you commit to product delivery.  The system allows your store to guarantee customer delivery within short time frames, something few competitors can offer.


The system includes an order management subsystem, an order fulfillment subsystem, and a delivery subsystem.


Here's how it works: your online storefront manages the inflow of orders and presents your goods to customers while communicating with an inventory database.  Meanwhile, each subsystem automatically and accurately tracks and sufficiently reserves capacities available to meet customer demand.The order management subsystem integrates all aspects of order transactions including price, availability, inventory, vendors, financials, and procurement so that all of these flow together smoothly.  It maintains a constant view of all received orders.With this system, your customers can request specific delivery windows for the products they want, typically ordered several days in advance.  Unlike most other retail operations, your customers will be able to change or even cancel orders at any point before specific cut-off times you set.  This significantly reduces both customer frustration and unnecessary shipping costs.After the cut-off deadlines, the integrated order fulfillment subsystem initiates order fulfillment by retrieving and preparing ordered items for shipment.  The fulfillment subsystem executes inventory verification to process goods for shipment, ensuring that order accuracy is never in question.The integrated delivery subsystem schedules multiple deliveries within a short time period and also manages all transportation resources for you.  As orders are delivered, the delivery subsystem accurately records each item delivered to your customers.  Once the delivery to a customer has been successfully made and documented, the customer is billed only for actual goods received.