Product and order tracking
The Problem


In today's information age, customers demand information.  After they have placed orders at an online store, they would like to know the status of their orders.  For example, they would like to know if their products have been shipped. If the shipment of an item in the order has been delayed, they would like the store to tell them.  Not just the customers, the online store would also like to know where the customer orders stand.  For example, the store would like to know the conditions of the orders in their distribution center.  During delivery, the store would like to be informed as soon as possible if a customer has rejected a delivered item.  Effective tracking of products and orders are important to both customer loyalty and company profit margin.


The Solution


After a customer has placed an order, our solution allows the customer to access order status directly from an online store.  For example, the customer can find out whether the order has been shipped or that an ordered item has not been fulfilled in the order. Our proprietary solution can send information to the customer's computer in a scripting language, such as JavaScript, with fewer bytes than the corresponding web pages.  This would improve the response time to access information from the online store.After the order is placed, the online store transmits the order information to their distribution center.  The distribution center can associate the order with a container, which is transported in the center to collect the different items in the order.  The container can have an identifier, which is scanned to keep track of the container in the center.As items in the order are placed in the container, their UPC codes can be scanned.  This allows our solution to keep track of the items as the container is transported.  Later the container with the ordered items can be loaded into a vehicle to ship the order to the customer.  The vehicle has an identifier.  The system can keep track of the identifier of the vehicle associated with shipping the order.At the customer site, each item delivered to the customer can be scanned to keep a record of the items received by the customer.  Such information is kept track of together with the time when delivery is made to the customer.If the customer rejects one or more items, the UPC codes of such items also can be scanned to keep record of such information.If the customer keeps the container holding its ordered items, our solution can also keep track of the container.  During the next delivery to the customer, our solution could credit an account of the customer via the identifier of the container if the container is picked up from the customer.

Online Order Fulfillment