Your customers want to ensure that their items are headed in the right direction. They may also want to be available when the package arrives. Our patented technology offers a personalized, real-time package tracking experience.


With our system, customers can access the package’s precise location via the web, any time. If the customer needs to know when her package enters or leaves a certain area, she can also set up any number of personalized geofences. Maybe she wants to know exactly when the package leaves the warehouse, or if it deviates from its scheduled route, or if it is within a close radius of the delivery location. She can set a geofence to track each activity, and enable alerts so she knows if the package has crossed into and out of a geofenced area. She can also set the type and frequency of alerts, allowing her to receive the most relevant information, exactly when she wants it.


Personalized, real-time package tracking offers your customers the most up-to-date information on their shipments, how and when they want it.