Our patented device provides precise location and condition information for your high-value packages throughout their journey. The process is easy: simply secure our patented mobile device to the package and send it on its way. As the package travels, the device monitors the package’s conditions—including temperature, light, humidity, and speed—as well as its location, in real time.


If something goes wrong in transit, whether a delay or a problem in the package’s environment, our system can alert all the right people: senders, recipients, shippers and insurers can all be kept in the loop. With timely alerts, you can address an issue before the package even reaches its destination. If the package is damaged, our system also assists customers through the insurance claim process, and allows them to request replacements as soon as the monitoring device detects a problem.


With our patented package-monitoring technology, you’ll stay informed, stay ahead of problems, and keep your customers happy.