Sell regulated items online
The Problem


Most electronic commerce transactions that occur over the Internet are subject to regulatory laws.  These regulations typically depend on the state or region where each on-line sales transaction has occurred or where the orders would be shipped.  Online companies not taking into account such laws when taking orders easily get themselves into legal difficulties.


The Solution


During an online sale, our solution can automatically identify regulated items and prohibit a customer from purchasing them.  The prohibition can be time-based, preventing certain products from being purchased during certain time of day or day of week.  For example, our solution can prevent customer from requesting for liquor delivery on Sunday.  As another example, purchase of cigarettes can be controlled to prevent minors from obtaining them.


Prohibition to purchase regulated items, such as alcohol or tobacco, can take different forms.  One approach can prevent the customer from even seeing the items.  For example, based on where the order would be shipped, certain items would not even be displayed as available for purchase by the customer.  This would restrict the customer from purchasing those items.  Another approach can prevent the customer from adding certain regulated items to the customer's electronic shopping cart.  In other words, the customer may see the products on the online store, but would not be allowed to purchase them.  Yet another approach to prevent purchasing is during the check-out process.  The on-line checkout procedure can prevent the customer from purchasing or checking out the regulated items.  All these different approaches can be done automatically by our solutions.

Online Order Fulfillment