Shorten product return time and adjust customer bills at delivery sites via mobile devices
The Problem


If you are in the business of online sales, you have customers who change their minds after receiving a product they have ordered. Assuming you are like most vendors, your customers cannot change, alter, or cancel an order until they have received the goods and then make a return request.  Not only does this entail the trouble and expense of return shipping by the customer, it prevents you from including the rejected item as part of your inventory until it is received by the customer and then returned and restocked, which can take weeks.

The Solution


One solution to this costly waste of time, money and effort uses a proprietary wireless mobile device that ports useful customer delivery data, including complete customer order history information.


En route to a customer site, the device can display a map and/or routing information to the courier of the delivery vehicle.  It may also transmit delivery information back to the online store, via a wireless interface, to allow real-time tracking of delivery resources such as vehicles, and arrival and departure time at customer delivery stops.At customer delivery stops, the mobile device can alert the courier to perform identification checks before delivering restricted products.  Also, the device can capture customer signatures acknowledging delivery, and inform the courier to do so.This mobile device makes it possible for a customer to reject and return any part of an order at delivery, eliminating the customer's need to request for an RMA (returned merchandise authorization), repackage the unwanted item, and pay for return shipping.  Instead, the courier uses the mobile device to scan the unwanted product's barcodes, create an RMA for the customer to sign, and generate a revised receipt showing the changed charges and/or credits.  Then the customer will be fully informed at the time of delivery of all charges for which he or she will be billed, if any.The courier can then send the updated information to your company directly from the field via this wireless device, or choose to download the data by plugging it in upon return to your distribution center.  In either case, all billing changes are quickly received by your billing department.  The center also can receive the returned product and its RMA slip the same day, eliminating what can be weeks of billing delays and wasteful product unavailability.

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