Shorten web response time
The Problem


Before buying from an online store, most customers seek product information from web pages.  The product information available may vary, depending on factors such as the customer's geographical location.  When ready to order, the customer specifies the products and quantities, desired delivery time, charge card information, etc.  For each interaction between the customer's computer (the client) and the online store computer (the server) via the Internet, the desired web page information takes time to load.  Many small delays during a transaction can add up customer annoyance, leading to customer dissatisfaction and even defection.

The Solution


Although web page loading times are affected by available connection speeds, delays can be minimized by reducing the size, or number of bytes, of the pages being downloaded.  We offer a proprietary solution that speeds up online communications by sending instructions and data instead of the directly requested web pages.  Upon receipt, the client executes the instructions on the data to generate the corresponding web pages.  The instructions can be sent in a scripting language, such as JavaScript, with fewer bytes than the corresponding web pages.  Thus, delays are shortened and the whole transaction goes more smoothly.


The number of bytes sent (and corresponding delays) can be further reduced by transmitting data without instructions.  After displaying the requested web pages, the client can ask for additional information, in which case the server sends the corresponding data.  Upon receipt, the client executes the previous instructions on the recently received data to generate the additional web pages.  Overall, fewer bytes are transmitted and wait times are lessoned.  Shorter delay times typically translate to higher customer satisfaction.

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