Online store supporting multiple merchants and serving diverse markets
The Problem


Online stores can provide a large number of products from many different merchants, with each product needing accurate, current product descriptions.  Constantly updating so much information from many different merchants can be a challenging task.  Not only that, to increase sales, many merchants would like to sell their products in geographically diverse markets and to tailor their product information for the different markets.  And, although merchants benefit greatly from having an online store sell their wares, they want customers to associate their products with their brand, not that of the online store.

The Solution


An online store can offer large number of products from a wide variety of merchants.  With our proprietary solutions, merchants can both enter and easily update product information - including pricing, availability and product descriptions - directly to the online store through the store's publishing system.  The incoming data can be automatically organized into the store's online product catalog for the customers.  The publishing system can be integrated to the store's customer interfaces, such as the store's website.  Our solution can periodically send updated product information from the publishing system to the customer interfaces for customers to access.Our solutions also allow the online store to provide other services to merchants, such as receiving and processing customer orders through the store's accounting and billing systems.  Other services might include warehousing and managing a distribution center for the merchants' products, scheduling delivery vehicles, providing a help desk for customer inquiries or even handling customer complaints effectively for better customer satisfaction.In addition, our solutions allow the online store to have different business units serving customers in different geographic areas, with appropriate customer interfaces for each.  A single product can, for example, be priced differently if accessed from different customer interfaces, though the different interfaces can share the same help desk.Because most merchants want to keep their own brands, our solutions allow merchants of the online store to use their own online product presentation in their own virtual online storefronts.  These storefronts are hosted and managed by the online store.  They allow customers to order products from a merchant through the merchant's storefronts, located within the online store's website.

Online Order Fulfillment