Up-to-date product and order information
The Problem


Online store managers need to manage their distribution centers effectively, keeping close track of the conditions of their centers and staying aware of the locations of all products.  Both stores and customers need access to current order information at all times. These are challengers for any online store dealing with buyers ordering around the clock from distribution centers that can have tens of thousands of products.


The Solution


Our proprietary solution can precisely track an online store's current and prior customer order information.  Based on this information, it can determine the consumption rate of each product, helping managers determine effective product storage and location.  Products in high demand may require storage in more than one location in the distribution center for efficiency.


With our solution, a store manager can monitor a distribution center at all times, manage conveyors and carousels, and keep constant track of products as they move through the center via wireless handheld scanners.  Employees can use the scanners to scan items while fulfilling customer orders.Through constant monitoring, store managers can receive minute-to-minute reporting of conditions in their center and can also access daily or weekly reports of customer order and other activities.  Customers have constant access to prior and current order information as well.The store's customer relationship management (CRM) system can be fed up-to-date product and order information.  When a customer calls the store, an employee can use the CRM system to access the customer's order history and better address any concern, including cancelling a customer's prior order when appropriate.In addition, our solution can store personal customer preferences, enabling the store to offer personalized services such as customized shopping lists.

Online Order Fulfillment