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Airplane Seats

Take a Stand for Your


by Taking a Seat

Imagine you are seated in an interior seat on a plane, and you need to get to the aisle. But, you’re wary of disturbing the other passengers in your row, who may be reading, sleeping, or enjoying a film. Now imagine not only the freedom to move about the cabin without interrupting passengers in the middle and aisle seats, but to sit and lie comfortably without infringing on the space of the other passengers.


IpVenture’s patented airplane cabin modernization is a revolutionary approach to crowded planes. While keeping the same number of seats in the same fuselage space, our solution enables economy class passengers to enjoy the spatial comfort of business class. The patented layout includes staggered seats arranged in lower and upper levels. Staggering the seats allows for optimal utilization of space within the fuselage, while also enabling passengers to recline their seat backs and leg rests by more than 45 degrees. 


Our solution can further include single level seats on both sides of the multi-level seats, which could accommodate the shape of the plane.


Seats can be of the same or different orientations, so passengers in different rows can be facing away from, toward, or in the same direction as each other. Seats positioned at acute or obtuse angles relative to the longitudinal axis of the seating area could increase the effect of spaciousness.


With our seating arrangement, a passenger in an interior seat can reach the aisle without requiring any other passenger in the row to move. For example, as shown in the image above, interior lower-level seats can slide backward, which allows passengers space to move behind those seated in the same row. Passengers in upper-level seats can exit their seats from the front and walk down the steps to move around the plane.


The amount of luggage space available is also uncompromised. For top-level seats, luggage space can be provided above the seats. Luggage spaces for the same row can be partitioned or continuous, further increasing load capacity. For lower-level seats, luggage spaces can be located below the seat bases. Luggage space for single-level seats can also be located above the seats.


To enhance privacy for passengers, the design can also include retractable, fire-resistant partitions between the seats.


With IpVenture’s patented seating arrangement, you can enjoy more space to lie back and move freely throughout the cabin, while maintaining the same number of seats in the same space, and allowing considerable room for relaxation and providing you a more comfortable and pleasant flight. Bon voyage!

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