Hydration Sensor

Symptoms of not drinking enough water include severe thirst, headaches, and fatigue.  Dehydration is a dangerous situation for everyone, but it especially impacts athletes, the ill, the elderly, children, and animals.


One solution to dehydration is to consume water.  While this seems simple enough, striking the right balance is actually more complicated than it sounds.  Drinking too much water can have consequences as serious as not drinking enough.  Though the effects of over-hydration may not be as publicized as dehydration, they are just as disastrous.  In the most severe cases, being waterlogged can even cause acute kidney failure.

Fortunately, IpVenture's disposable hydration sensor could assess body fluids in just ten seconds. Our solution includes a strip that costs less than ten cents to produce. If placed in the mouth, a color indicator rises to the level marked on the strip corresponding


to hydration level. Athletes, whether they're serious competitors or weekend warriors, no longerhave to guess how much water they need to ingest.  Our hydration sensor measures the saliva in the mouth to assess the balance of bodily fluids.


So, what about relying on the suggested eight-glasses-of-water-per-day formula?  That old-fashioned advice doesn't take body weight into consideration.  Robert Yang, nutrition consultant at the Titleist Golf Institute, says, "If a female golfer weighs 100 pounds, eight glasses of water may cause over-hydration.  On the other hand, if a male golfer weighs 200 pounds, eight glasses of water falls far below the correct amount."


Rather than one-size-fits-all, IpVenture's innovative technology provides a personalized analysis of an individual's water needs.  Given that 75 percent of the human body is water, people can compromise their overall health and well-being if the amount of water in their tissues and vital organs is less than ideal.


If you're in the sports business, you know that athletes want to be in the best possible health to optimize physical performance.  Proper hydration is one of the most important requirements for them to achieve their goals. 


In addition, vulnerable populations such as children, the ill, the elderly, and animals can now quickly acquire assessments of their hydration needs. Doctors and veterinarians can help their patients within seconds.


IpVenture has made achieving the proper hydration level both easy and inexpensive. In addition to the disposable hydration sensor, IpVenture also has an electronic hydration sensor, which is excellent for repeated use.

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