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Hydration Sensor

Everyone has heard the advice to drink more water, but not everyone knows what can happen if you don’t heed that advice. Symptoms of not drinking enough water include severe thirst, headaches, and fatigue. Dehydration is dangerous for everyone, but it especially impacts athletes, the ill, the elderly, children, and animals.


While it seems simple enough just to drink more water, striking the right balance is actually more complicated than it sounds; drinking too much water can have consequences as serious as not drinking enough. Though the effects of over-hydration may not be as publicized as dehydration, they are just as disastrous. In the most severe cases, being waterlogged can even cause acute kidney failure.


The classic advice of drinking eight glasses of water a day is far less helpful than you might imagine. That amount of water might be far too much for an 80-pound woman with an office job, and far too little for a 200-pound male athlete.


Fortunately, our disposable hydration sensor can quickly assess a user’s hydration level. A small strip is inserted into a hydration sensor on one end and touches the user’s mouth on the other. The sensor quickly assesses the user’s saliva, and hydration level can be shown pictorially. A color indicator on a display of the sensor can rise to the level corresponding to the level. The sensor can consolidate and show outputs of multiple users. Athletes, whether they're serious competitors or weekend warriors, no longer have to guess how much water they need to drink. Hydration sensors can also come in reusable electronic versions.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t quite fit everyone, our innovative technology provides a personalized analysis of an individual's water needs. Whether you wish to optimize your athletic performance, keep your children healthy, or even look out for your canine companion, our hydration sensor can aid you in keeping you or your loved ones healthy.

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