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There is no denying that the pandemic has utterly upended the economy on a global scale. Customers from all over have switched from shopping in-store to e-commerce, leaving online retailers struggling to meet the rising demand. Availability of goods can fluctuate unexpectedly—from empty shelves of toilet paper to excess inventory. Businesses such as car producers, hospitals, and grocery stores must now navigate these extra challenges to keep track of goods and parts from many suppliers. Time- and environment-sensitive packages can further complicate these vast logistics challenges for customers and businesses alike.


IpVenture’s asset tracking and management technologies can provide real-time data of product delivery conditions and advanced data analytics, enabling companies to monitor a shipment’s entire journey and quickly react to disruptions in their supply chain.


By monitoring trackers coupled to individual packages, a central server at a home office can send real-time updates on the products in transit. Customers have access to user-friendly presentations on the conditions of their package, such as where it is, when it will arrive, and its overall condition at any point during delivery. Location tracking based on GPS can be supplemented to avoid issues in urban areas or indoor where satellite signals are compromised. A package’s environment, such as its temperature, can be dynamically adjusted to better preserve a sensitive item. A sophisticated power-management system can ensure that trackers last for months or even years if necessary. Should a package suffer damage en route, the company can be alerted to send a replacement before the damaged item even reaches the customer.


With our patented technologies, users can have immediate access to accurate data and user-friendly insight to better serve their customers.

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