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In recent years, everyone from Amazon and Google to UPS and DHL has been experimenting with drone technology to reduce the cost of delivery and shorten delivery times. Unlike current delivery methods, drones will not get held up in traffic jams and will not require human drivers. They will also offer a significantly streamlined experience for customers: no waiting all day for a delivery, missing a delivery by stepping away at the wrong time, or scheduling re-deliveries and treking to inconvenient pickup locations.


But as fully autonomous delivery drones inch closer to reality, precise and proactive tracking technologies will play a crucial role in successful logistics operations. Without human drivers, logistics technology itself will be essential to ensure that a package does not deviate from its route, become too hot or too humid, or travel at an unsafe speed.


Our combination of patented features, as illustrated, for example, in Asset Tracking and Management—Power Management, GPS Supplementation, User-Friendly Presentation, Monitoring & Dynamic Adjustment, Chronological Presentation of Images, and Customized Alerts—make our technologies critical for the automated future of home delivery.

The Future of Drone Delivery: Drones

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