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IpVenture partners with innovators to turn groundbreaking technologies into formidable patent portfolios. We build on, protect, and invest in your solutions so they can realize their full potential.


IpVenture owns significant patent portfolios in a number of technological areas that are available for license and acquisition. We can customize our portfolios to best suit your needs, enhancing your solutions and increasing your revenue stream.


We also offer consultation for building your patent portfolios, and, if necessary, help monetize them, allowing you to focus on creating products and expanding market share.


Please peruse our combinable services or contact us to find the best fit for your needs.

The best and brightest innovators, whether they are individuals, start-ups, or established businesses, should spend their resources creating technologies, not dealing with protecting or monetizing their inventions. Partner with us if you’ve got great technological solutions with big market potential. IpVenture invests in and transforms your innovations into impactful intellectual properties. You can concentrate on launching products, while we take care of creating solid patent portfolios that cover your inventive technologies, and, if necessary, procuring appropriate licensees and acquirers for them.



of our Patent Portfolios

If you are looking for patents to augment your solutions or protect your innovative products, license or acquire our patent portfolios corresponding to your vision. If our existing portfolios don’t fit your needs perfectly, we’ll customize them for you. Purchasing or licensing our patents enhances your intellectual property position, decreases development time, and increases bottom-line profits. To check out our robust selection of patents and find those most suitable for your company, explore our IntellectualWare.


We provide consulting on patent-related matters. Based on our expertise and experience in technologies and patents, we expand and refine your solutions into highly-effective patent portfolios for maximum impact. Not only do we assist with developing solid patent portfolios covering your inventive technologies, we also procure appropriate licensees and acquirers for your patents in ways you see fit, so that you can further improve your market position.

If you’re interested in any of the above services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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