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Directional Sound

Sometimes, you need to listen to audio at the most inopportune moment. When your hands are occupied, finding a place to set your device can prove bothersome and awkward. Headsets are an option, but they hinder your hearing of the surrounding environment. And with speakers right at your ear, loud volume can damage your hearing. Unfortunately, speakerphone doesn’t allow you to maintain the appropriate privacy level of a conversation.

IpVenture offers patented directional speakers that can be attached to your clothing or integrated to your devices, so you can communicate hands-free and privately, without the need for headsets.

While sound is typically omnidirectional due to its wavelengths, our solution uses ultrasonic signals to render directional audio sounds. The audio signals are generated by transforming the ultrasonic signals through mixing or demodulating them in the air between your ear and the speaker.

Our system can be wearable and can be applied to various devices, including smart phones, hearing aids, entertainment systems, and portable computers.

With directional sound, you retain the confidentiality of a phone conversation and the ability to listen privately to music, play video games, or watch television, all while significantly reducing the chances of disturbing others in your vicinity. You wouldn’t be hindered by earphones, earphone cables, or the need to search around for any. So feel free to blast your music or take a call.

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