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Text with AR/VR Eyewear

Because texting is a prevalent form of communication and AR/VR eyewear is becoming more popular, IpVenture’s innovative eyewear design merging texting with AR/VR could become the preferred platform of choice. With our technology, users can view and respond to texts without disrupting their immersive AR/VR worlds.


Contacts sending text messages to our AR/VR eyewear users are connected to the recipients even while the recipients are fully engaged in AR/VR activities.

Users who are wearing the patented eyewear can stay engaged in any activity and still receive text messages from all of their contacts. In addition to viewing streams of text messages alongside their interactive AR/VR visuals, users can choose to receive incoming texts as audio via our integrated text-to-speech technology, so they don’t have to shift their gaze to stay up-to-date with their coworkers, family, and friends.

Voice recognition also allows users to answer texts by speaking. The users’ audio responses are transcribed and sent as text messages, so replying to texts can be entirely hands-free. Text message recipients don’t have to worry about changing devices in order to answer, and senders can rest assured that their texts have been received promptly.

With the ability to communicate hands-free and eyes-free, users can keep their attention on the engaging information in front of them, whether that’s creating new designs, enjoying entertainment, working, learning, or exercising. In addition to offering the ultimate in convenience, our technology also enhances safety for users who cannot look away from their current task. Instead, they can remain in control of all facets of their AR/VR experience.

These technologies are protected by patents listed at

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