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Autonomous Delivery Bots

Autonomous delivery is here! As more customers demand faster and more hygienic delivery, the future of autonomous delivery bots is looking bright. We provide the patented technologies you’ll need to make it better.


One key feature that is essential to autonomous delivery is that of location accuracy. GPS alone is not enough to ensure, for example, the bot stays on a side walk or a safe distance from nearby objects and pedestrians, even if visibility is poor due to weather conditions. We supplement GPS with other navigation sensors and positioning technologies, such as based on microwave signals and cameras, using additional data, such as where the bot was, and detailed three-dimensional layout of structures along the delivery paths.

We can monitor and alert when problems occur during transport, both internal and external. For example, temperature and humidity sensors can track if the storage compartment becomes unsuitable for fresh meat or produce. Light sensors can detect if the compartment is opened prematurely. Vibration sensors can detect external disturbances, such as a dog pushing the bot around. Alerts could then be immediately sent to a manager’s smart phone, warning him of the problems.

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We can also provide proactive, on-the-spot remediation to resolve delivery problems as they arise. For example, if the bot detects high temperatures in its storage compartment, it can activate refrigeration to maintain the food quality.

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In the event of an unforeseen obstacle, such as a new construction site along the delivery path, the bot can alert the management system and ask for help. An operator on standby, assisted by video feeds from the bot’s cameras, can then manually guide the bot through the area.

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Further, we can enable a customer to put labels on favorite locations, such as labeling her residence as “Home.” Upon arrival, the bot can send the customer a personal delivery message, such as “Your MangoBOT has arrived at your home.”

For hygienic reasons, if the customer doesn’t want to touch the bot’s handle to open the storage component, the customer has the option to send a wireless message to the bot. Then our location-based activation technology, triggered by location and the message, can prompt the bot to automatically open its compartment.


In a market with rapidly evolving expectations, we ensure that automated delivery bots are friendlier, more flexible, and more reliable.

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