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Are you seeking differentiated products in the multi-billion dollar hair and skincare industry?

Our patented moisture sensor not only senses the level of moisture in your hair and skin but can be personalized to your unique skin type. Simply turn on the sensor and gently press against the area you wish to measure. The sensor surface is flexible to accommodate the curvatures of your skin. Based on the moisture level monitored, the sensor can recommend specific hair or skincare products.


Our technology is preventative as well as restorative. Since the sensor can also measure the air, it can inform you that you may require lotion if the surrounding environment is dry. If your hair is dry, our sensor could indicate that you might want to skip a wash to prevent stripping moisture from your hair. Or, if you’re enjoying a day at the beach, the sensor’s UV sensing can alert you to apply more sunscreen as needed.

The sensor can be designed to use a disposable strip to measure moisture, which allows you to share the device with others hygienically. Recommendations of specific hair or skincare products can be audio, via a speaker at the sensor.


The sensor can also be attached to the packaging of your hair and skincare products. The sensor is highly portable, as it can be in the shape of a comb or tube of mascara, making it small, convenient, and easy to use.

Medical Applications

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For more complicated skin issues, try our patented medical monitoring system. Our system allows you to capture a region of skin for remote assessment by a medical professional. For example, our system can capture images of an unusual skin rash and send the images to a qualified doctor via the Internet for examination.


Our medical monitoring system is not limited to providing optical pictures for doctors to examine. For example, it also allows thermal imaging. Our technology can provide a heat source for you to apply to a particular region of your skin, allowing you to capture a thermal image of that region.


Qualified doctors can access and review the images, and prepare a report for you remotely. This way, you can save a trip to the dermatologist, care for your skin without interrupting your busy schedule, and significantly lower your healthcare costs. Since remote access is limited to authorized individuals, your medical information remains safe.

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