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Personalized Hearing

One of the greatest difficulties that our digital age has overcome is accessibility. As information becomes more available to a greater number of people, so too should the means of accessing that information, allowing those once barred from such information to better participate in the great exchange of ideas.


In that spirit, IpVenture is proud to bring a digital twist to classic hearing devices. This wireless earpiece connects to devices to provide a custom audio experience.

There are many applications for this technology, both in the home and in public. For example, instead of turning up the TV and disturbing others in the home, a person can simply connect his TV to the earpiece, allowing him to hear his movie without disturbing others. The earpiece also provides a much higher-quality sound, with far better customization to the person’s hearing profile than classic hearing devices can provide.

In the workplace, a worker can struggle to participate in meetings and important discussions in a noisy environment. Coworkers might grow frustrated having to speak loudly or constantly repeat themselves, which can lead to a dip in job performance and a potential threat to her career through no fault of her own.

With IpVenture’s new wireless earpiece in combination with a corresponding mobile device, company meetings, announcements, and even casual lunch conversations can become much more accessible and friendly. This technology can connect to conference phones and mobile devices, which can capture local sound and direct it audibly to the wearer.


Whether for work, home, or simple convenience, this technology—and all of IpVenture’s endeavors—seek to bring ingenuity and accessibility to the market.

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