IpVenture’s patented technologies revolutionize mobile communication, transforming the standard text, image, video, and voice into engaging multimedia messages. Users can apply colorful text messages and emojis over the photos they’ve snapped to send to friends. Or, they can add visual and audio filters over the videos they broadcast to their networks. User content can incorporate artistic filters, stickers, and text that express pertinent information, such as location, emotion, temperature, altitude, and speed. The creative possibilities are endless!  

Our mobile platform allows users to creatively convey any variety of content via text, voice or video with a single identifier, and users can communicate without the need to disclose their contact information. Once a user produces content, its presentation can be time-based, true to the sequence of events. 

And as users share experiences with their network of friends, our cloud-based technologies enable them to view posts tailored to their interests, demographics, and engagement level.


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Mobile Applications

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