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Smart Eyewear

for Diseases

As the economy endeavors to regain its legs, workers and their employers struggle between economic hardship and exposing themselves or loved ones to COVID-19, a potentially devastating disease. Meanwhile, our essential workers continue to face the threat of exposure, sometimes with inadequate precautions or supplies.


While no one can provide a foolproof plan to protect these workers, we can—through innovation and cooperation—increase the odds in their favor. In this spirit, IpVenture, together with IngenioSpec, presents its technologies for COVID-19 Eyewear, with some of the patents listed here.

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This simple-to-use personal equipment fills in the gaps of standard PPE by, for example, monitoring the user’s heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen level, temperature, activity level, breathing rate, and coughing frequency.

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The eyewear can also keep track of where the user has been and monitor the user’s surroundings, alerting her if someone approaching has a high temperature or has tested positive via available contact tracing programs.

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By keeping track of these and other factors over time, the eyewear can alert the user that she might have been infected, prompting her to self-quarantine and schedule a test, potentially before her symptoms become more apparent.


If infected, a digital assistant in the eyewear could give guidance regarding proper health practices, such as reminding her to hydrate, providing her with standard COVID information, and even playing her preferred music as she fights off the virus. If the user’s conditions significantly worsen, the eyewear could alert medical personnel directly.

For those with “long haul” COVID-19, the eyewear could keep track of a patient’s long-term biometrics to better understand the virus and hopefully find effective treatment.


With these patented technologies and more, IpVenture strives to provide our essential workers, higher-risk individuals, and on-campus students another safeguard against this virus and, hopefully, some well-deserved peace of mind.

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