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Mobile Applications

Our patented technologies allow mobile device users to freely learn from what they want to read or watch, and allow your company to deliver advertisements to a refined audience, an audience that comes to you.


As mobile users read through and learn from different materials online, our patented system can relay their areas of interest, as well as their interest level, to your company. For example, a user might read articles involving wildlife photography from National Geographic or Scientific American. Based on her reading history and/or preferences, our technology can provide you with numerous metrics such as number of views and completion rates of articles. Based on those metrics, your company might determine that the user belongs to a group of users interested in cameras and safari trips.


Your company can then decide that the user is the ideal audience for your photography equipment. Since your company knows her different interests, it can further determine that the most effective ads to draw her attention are those featuring travelers on a safari, photographing wild lions and zebras. Not only can you deliver your ads to a receptive user, but you can cater the ads to her by making her various interests (e.g. safaris) work to the benefit of promoting your products (cameras).

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