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Private, Focused


Mobile Applications

Our social networking technology facilitates mobile interaction without divulging personal contact information, and alerts users when their contacts are available to view messages.


With our technology, users can be notified when their messages (e.g. texts, songs, calls, pictures, or videos) are delivered to an audience who is present. This allows users to focus on contacts who are around to receive communications, and enhances the communication experience by subtly indicating each party’s presence.

Additionally, our technology can accommodate different user schedules, activities, and contact priorities: messages from unwanted or unimportant contacts can be blocked based on the user’s indications and/or prior reactions to them. This allows mobile users to spend more time communicating with those they care most about.

Further, with our patented technology, users do not have to disclose their contact information (e.g. phone number or email address) to other parties. Thus, confidentiality can be improved, enabling more private socializing and sharing.

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