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Depending on your need, our system can include both directional ultrasonic speakers and standard omnidirectional speakers.

Imagine you are using the standard speaker in our system to broadcast messages to everyone in a conference room. If you suddenly need to take a personal call, you can switch our system from the standard speaker to the directional speaker so as to limit its output just to you.

As another example, if you start a conference call addressing the entire room, and then proceed to break into focus groups, you can switch the call from standard to directional audio to address a smaller group.

In one approach, the speaker could have an adjustable ultrasonic frequency to change the width of the sound wave column, narrowing or broadening depending on your needs, which in turn adjusts the degree of privacy.

Depending on which of our speakers you use, the ultrasonic frequency could be above, for example, 100 KHz or 200 KHz. At such frequencies, privacy can be further enhanced due to increased attenuation of the signals in air.

The direction of the column also can be steerable, allowing you to electronically steer the sound to desired directions.

To cancel noise, the output signals from our system can be modified based on the noise level of the environment. A microphone can determine the noise level in the environment to allow the system to dynamically alter the power level of the output signals before they are sent to you. So the signal volume of the speaker can depend on the sound level in its vicinity. For example, if the environment is loud, the volume could increase dynamically to allow you to better hear the signals.

Alternatively, if the power level of the input audio signals into our system is below a preset threshold, our system can enter into a standby mode. You can re-activate the system with spoken words.

Directional Sound

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