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Traversing Sound that Adapts to Your Environment
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A Flowing, Uninterrupted Experience with our Directional Sound

You know what’s grand? Chocolate cake. Not so grand: having to pause an instructional video at multiple points while you gather ingredients to make the perfect delectable desert.


With our directional sound technology, a user watching a cooking show from a countertop device won’t need to pause and replay in order to travel from the cabinet to the fridge or oven. Using imaging technologies that identify the user through movement, our directional sound device is configured to steer the direction of audio output toward the user. There’s no sound missed in your shuffle: the sound follows you.


And for users who might receive prized traditional recipes through family members on a phone call, our technology comprises of directional microphones configured to receive voice inputs, so you’ll be heard no matter where you are in the kitchen. No resorting to speaker phone. No straining to raise your voice when you shift farther away. The directional microphones will be directed toward you, liberating you to move as you need.


Most conveniently, a loud vacuum passing in the background won’t interfere with your audio experience: our technology dynamically adjusts volume that sensitively increases and decreases according to background noise.


The system, which can be embedded or attached to smart phones, entertainment systems, computers, and various other devices, can be both directional and omni-directional. That makes it an efficient solution to business meetings when switching from personal to conference mode and vice versa, to communicate both confidential and team information. On long road trips, it can resolve backseat movie disputes—particularly if one child is louder than the other!

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