Directional Sound for Vehicles

In these past years, we’ve seen auto companies struggle to find ways to bring individualized entertainment to different persons in a vehicle without disrupting others. Headsets covering both ears of a driver are illegal in many states.


IpVenture’s directional sound technologies provide creative solutions to this problem: With directional speakers in the headrest of a user’s seat, anyone can experience a private audio experience without the need of headsets. The directional speakers can be at other locations, such as on the shoulder of the seat. As another example, directional speakers can be set above the user’s head, and there can be image-tracking technologies following the user. Anyway, unlike a headset, different persons could have their private audio experience. For example, the driver could be hearing navigation directions, while his partner sitting next to him could be enjoying Julie Andrews’ “The Hills are Alive,” both in private.


Additionally, to enhance low-frequency audio, IpVenture also offers patented multi-speaker technology to cover different frequency ranges. For example, there could be a woofer for the user to cover lower frequency audio signals, and directional speakers channeling sound to the user to cover higher frequency audio signals. Such personalized audio zone creates the best sound quality for the listener, while minimizing interference.


If desired, however, the system can also use normal speakers to fill the space with sound to create a shared audio experience.