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If you’ve ever become annoyed with earphones, you might have wished that sound could beam to your ear, maintaining your privacy without disrupting your comfort. We offer patented low-power directional speakers, tailored for close-range applications, that make this a reality.


Most commercially-available directional speakers are intended for larger scale applications. Typically, directional sound is generated by converting ultrasound to audible sound in air, a method that requires significantly more power than a standard speaker, and results in bulky speakers tethered to a power outlet. This method also produces a significant sound reduction in low frequencies, which means noticeably poorer sound quality.


Our unique approach increases power efficiency and sound quality in a number of ways: the speaker is intended for close range applications, so it uses significantly less power than currently available directional speakers. It also incorporates both an ultrasonic speaker for high frequencies and a standard speaker for low frequencies to preserve sound quality. And, since standard speakers are more power efficient, their inclusion further increases efficiency. The system also limits power to the standard speaker to minimize sound leakage and maintain a highly directional sound.


The result is high quality sound that only you can hear, in a small, wearable form factor, without the need for uncomfortable and cumbersome earbuds. Whether you want to listen to music or take a call while you’re out and about, our speakers make it comfortable and convenient. So, say goodbye to compromise and hello to a portable, higher-fidelity, personal world of sound.

Directional Sound

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