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Our speakers can be tailored to your hearing characteristics. IpVenture’s system receives input audio signals and transforms them into ultrasonic signals, with different amplifications for different parts of the signals. For example, if a user has difficulties hearing high frequency signals, our speaker will increase the amplification of signals in the higher ranges. Such individual tailoring could be based on calibrating the user’s hearing profile across a range of frequencies.

Since the directional speaker is spaced apart from your ear, your ear remains free from any inserted objects, thus eliminating the annoying occlusion effects commonly experienced in hearing aids.

In another approach, IpVenture’s patented solution also includes a system that upconverts audio signals and transmits them to a receiver to be downcoverted. The system can further modify the downconverted signals based on your hearing profile to enhance your hearing before sending them to you.

For example, if a microphone’s audio signals are attempting to traverse a large hall, the system upconverts the frequencies of the signals into the Wi-Fi range and transmits them. At the other end of the hall, our system grabs them and downconverts the signals back. If you are less responsive to a certain range of frequencies, the system further amplifies that specific range of the downconverted signals, before sending the signals to you.


Our system can also be attached or integrated to your clothing. Since the speaker can be appropriately positioned, such as around your shoulder area, you can receive the audio signals from the speaker hands-free.


Directional Sound

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