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Directional Sound


In May 2016, an extensive test showed that cell phones potentially increase the chance of brain cancer. Reports recommend using a speakerphone on your device or a hands-free headset when speaking. Our technology offers a better alternative: ultrasonic directional sound for smart phones. Ultrasonic directional speakers typically take a fair amount of power to generate audio signals. IpVenture’s power management process significantly improves power efficiency. With our technology, the audio is transmitted to you without a headset, and without the need to press the smart phone against your ear.

Based on whether our smartphone-integrated system is held up to the ear, our system can switch from a standard speaker to a directional speaker, giving you the option to keep your phone away from yourself. For example, if our smartphone-integrated system is placed on a table, the directional speaker could direct the audio signals towards you, confining them substantially within a virtual column to enhance privacy. But if the system is held next to your ear, the standard speaker kicks in, sending audio signals directly into your ear.

Instead of integrated to your smart phone, our system also can be attachable to your phone. Attachment can be after market, changing your phone’s audio emissions to directional sound. This way, your current phone could have the advantage of directional sound when you add our speaker. As an example, our directional speaker can be connected through a plug to a standard connector at your phone, without compromising its portability.

Or, if you are driving, you can attach our device to an interface port on the dashboard of your vehicle. With our speaker operatively connected, your existing device can direct audio signals to our speaker so that the sound you hear becomes directional.

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